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Koch Espadín Olla de Barro

“Mahogany avor due to its distillation with slight notes of smoke and a light and fresh aftertaste. Velvety and short aftertaste”.


Maguey Used / Scientic Variety: 100% Espadín (Agave Angustifolia Haw).


City, District and State of harvest: Villa Sola de Vega, District of Sola de Vega, Oaxaca State.


Terroir and Ph: Rocky and clayey soil between 6.0 to 8.0ph.


Ripening time: 8 years.


Oven type, wood used and cooking Time: Conical Underground oven, Pine and oak and four days of cooking.


Mill Type: Grinder.


Fermentation Water: River Water.


Fermenter type and Days of fermentation: Wooden tubs made of juniper or pine. Fermentation in four days (in summer) and nine days (in winter),

depending on the weather as fermented outdoors.


Maestro Mezcalero: Alberto Vásquez.


Distiller Type: Clay pots (Filipino technique).


Number of Distillations: 2.


Alcoholic Correction: Cuerpo is rectied with Puntas and Colas.


Alc. Vol: 47.0%


Net. Cont.: 700 ml.

Koch Espadín Olla de Barro

80,00 CHFPreis
inkl. MwSt.
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