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Real Minero Ensamble Ancestral

This handcrafted Ensamble from Real Minero is one of the kind, not only for the Agaves used, and painstaking manual process, but also the complex note distinctive of the Familia Angeles, this small batch of less than 5o litres is just fantastic.


Maguey:  Espadin, Largo, Barril, Arroqueño.


Location: Santa Catarina de Minas, Oaxaca


Rippening time: 10-14 years


Oven type: Conical Underground oven


Mill type: Wooden mallet


Fermentation water: Water from the well


Fermenter type: Wooden tubs made of pine


Maestro Mezcalero: Edgar Angeles


Distiller Type: Clay pot


Number of distillations: 2


Alc. Vol: 51.1%


Net. Cont: 700 ml

Real Minero Ensamble Ancestral

200,00 CHFPreis
inkl. MwSt.
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