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El Jolgorio Pechuga

El Jolgorio Pechuga is made using two distillations. During the second distillation, the mezcalero adds locally harvested fruit and spices, like pineapple, orange, and plantains. Also during the second distillation, the mezcalero hangs a raw turkey breast on the inside of the pot still in such a way that all of the vapor must pass over the meat before it becomes liquid Mezcal.  Unlike the other El Jolgorio bottles, Pechuga is not named for the species/variety of agave it is made from, but rather for this special way of making Espadín Mezcal.


Maguey: 100% Espadin (Agustofilia Haw.)


Location: Santa Maria Zoquitlan , Oaxaca


Rippening time: 7 years


Oven type: Conical Underground oven


Mill type: Tahona pulled by horse


Fermentation water: Water from the river


Fermenter type: Wooden tubs made of sabine & pine


Maestro Mezcalero:Gregorio Hernandez, Ignacio Parada, Valentin Cortes


Distiller Type: Copper Alembic


Number of distillations: 2


Alc. Vol: 47%


Net. Cont: 700 ml

El Jolgorio Pechuga

215,00 CHFPreis
inkl. MwSt.
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