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Haste is no friend of good mezcal: out of all the species of magueyes, or agaves, which are used to distill this drink in eight regions in Mexico, only the“espadin” variety is easy to cultivate, and it takes seven years to reach maturity. 


The rest of varieties grow wild in the forest and can take up to 35 years to reach maturity.


The way mezcal is made makes it one of the most interesting drinks in the world. It's notable not only for the time it takes to harvest the plant, but also for the painstaking manual way it is produced,  which gives the spirit its exquisite smoky flavor and complex tasting notes.


We respect the gift of nature and the work of the producers who dedicate their lives to distilling the agave plant.


We believe that through fair and sustainable trade, we can help preserve the rich variety of agaves, landscapes and cultures in Mexico. Our mission is to introduce Switzerland to one of the country's most typical drinks and increase awareness and appreciation for this intriguing spirit.


Would you like to try one of the most interesting spirits in Mexico?

Visit us at or find our products in our store with our amigos

La Mezcaleria Store & Tasting Room - Zürich
Distributor Genève - "El Catrin"
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